Special energy sources are a kind of pyramid engine. They actively exude a powerful energy flows in the form of pronounced vibrations that create a feeling of fullness and give an unusual energy for living organisms. In the mechanism of action of this energy source several fundamental principles are incorporated:

the Principles of the Golden ratio and Harmonic resonance, 
that allow to tune the device on the parameters of the human body; 
the Maat Principle prescribing the use of natural resonant materials;
the Principle of Trinity providing the piezoelectric effect, and others.

Maat pyramid energy source

The internal system of MAAT Home pyramid is a device, functioning as an antenna and resonator at the same time, allows to focus the energy flows and effectively relay them stimulating the immune, endocrine and nervous systems of the human body. Without the energy source any pyramid works at only 10-15% of its potential.
All the energy sources can be configured individually. In this case the pyramid will have overall positive effect on the environment and humans, but special one on its owner.
If the task of the pyramid is influencing people, than the setting is made to the planet’s own frequency, that allows synchronizing human energy system with Earth. The pyramid in office increases the efficiency of the team perfomance, improve health and reduce the incidence of employees.
Also «Maat Energy» technology allows you to install additional stand-alone energy sources in residential and office buildings, private houses, medical and health institutions, embedding them in the overall system of energy welfare protection following the principle of "man-made places of power".

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The energy sources of "MAAT Energy" trademark are protected by patents of the Russian Federation
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