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Experiments in the pyramid of Novikov-Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg in Priozersk. Production by Maat Foundation .

Participants of the reportage are geophysicists and bioelectrography specialists.

Here on the video made in early March 2017 in Saint-Petersburg pyramid by Novikov&Kiselev you can see the short-term influence of the pyramid on the human body and mind. Among the sensations, which experienced the participants of the video was: shaking of the body, loss of control over the body, forgetting words, absolutely happiness, blood circulation activization, light pain in the places where they had health problems. 

The first concrete pyramid of Russia built on the project of the researchers Oleg Novikov and Boris Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg becomes open for visiting. The project is called - NEW ENERGETICAL REGENERATION TECHNOLOGIES PROJECT, which includes the construction of new pyramidal complexes and visiting of the already built structures.

Specialists of Maat Froundation investigated the change in the level of magnetic induction near the pyramid. During the experiment were used the samples of schungite pyramids 10,15,30,40 cm in height and the pyramid made of tempered glass which height is 146.6 cm (whith special energy source of the quartz crystals). It was found that in a radius of one meter from the body of the 146.6 cm pyramid the magnetic induction level falls to 25-30 microtesla (in the European area of geoid normal rate is about 47 microtesla). At a distance of 4.5 meters (which is about 3 heights of the pyramid - 146,6cm x 3 = 439cm), the level of magnetism leveled to normal 47 mcT.

Also, using a magnetometer the magnetic induction level was measured in the upper third of the pyramid (in height 146.6 cm), in the middle and the lower thirds. At the same time the level of magnetism at the top, when measured by different devices, was approximately 25-30 mcT, in the middle third increased to 40 mcT and in the bottom continued to grow and reached 50 mcT.

When carrying out the magnetometer measurements near the samples of schungite mini pyramids 10,15,30 and 40 cm in height this effect was not observed.

en radiant

It should be noted that the changes in acidity (pH value) of the water without any chemical interaction with the surrounding environment observed during the experiments were exclusively due to the change in the internal energy of the pyramid system. Research carried out in the St.Petersburg research laboratory of the RADIANT company showed for the first time in the world the existence of several zones of energy concentration within the pyramid that have different characteristics.

Experiments convincingly demonstrated that both dry and liquid medicines exposed in the pyramid tend to increase immunity. Ordinary or mineral water, juices, oils and decoctions of medicinal herbs processed in the pyramid became very effective in the treatment of ulcers, gastritis and other disorders of the digestive tract and urinogenital system when these are in an active phase. 

en imminoglobulin pyramid

*The immunoglobulin - is an antibody, a large Y-shaped protein produced mainly by plasma cells that is used by the immune system to identify and neutralize pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Venoglobulin - human polyvalent immunoglobulin for intravenous administration.

At the Ivanovsky Virological Research Institute a study was made of the effect of the pyramid field on the anti-viral activeness of immunoglobulin. A preparation was produced in two different concentrations: 50μg/ml and 0.5 μg/ml. Aliquot quantities of venoglobulin in both concentrations was exposed in the pyramid. The venoglobulin was introduced into cell cultures, 24 hours before they were infected with a virus.

The study revealed that venoglobulin at a concentration of 0.5 μg/ml, that has protective effect on the cells, did acquire after exposure in the pyramid a virus-inhibiting effect that was more pronounced than the preparation with 100 times greater concentration.

en anticancer pyramid

The Menchikov Vaccine Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

We studied the influence of exposure of living organisms in the pyramid on the organism’s reaction to infection. The study was carried out on a model infection of mice caused by the bacterium called salmonella typhi murium (murine typhus bacillus, the causative agent of salmonellosis).

White, non-pedigree mice weighting 12–14 grammes were exposed in the pyramid for various lengths of time and various numbers of times. After several days the mice were infected peritoneally using four doses of salmonella typhi murium, increasing by a factor of ten from 101 to 104 microbe cells. A control group of mice from the same batch were infected with the same doses of culture, but not exposed in the pyramid.

It was reliably established that the survival rate for the mice exposed in the pyramid is considerably higher than for the control group. At the lower doses 60% of the mice exposed in the pyramid survived, against 7% in the control group. At higher doses the corresponding figures were 30% and 3%.

biofield GDV

On the basis of Kirlian effect (high frequency photography), a group of scientists led by Professor K.G.Korotkov (ITMO, St. Petersburg) developed a device called "GDV/EPC сamera" (Gas Discharge Visualization - Electro Photonic Capture camera). Kirlian photographs can show the energy condition of your systems and organs, psychological withdrawal or excess, emotional disharmony, unfulfilled potential, stress (both past and present), strength of will, suitability of living or working environment, circumstances or relationships, blocks, traits, strengths, thoughts and more. The device passed clinical tests, was included in the State Register of medical equipment certified by Russian Ministry of Health and is used around the world.

Express analysis of the general physical condition and energy before and after the interaction with the in-house pyramid "MAAT" demonstrates the powerful impact of a favorable energy. After 6 hours being in the pyramid's field energy cocoon that surrounds the body increased in size. Resizing of the energy centers (chakras) leads to rising of the aura's density. Its color became more golden.

en limfoblast

At the Ivanovsky Virological Research Institute a study was made into the effect of the pyramid field on human lymphoblastic cells. The source of the pyramid field was water that had been exposed in the pyramid and then used to produce a nutrient solution.

en glukoza pyramida

Neo-Natal Intensive Care Department, Russian Researh Center of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, (Russian Medical Academy of Sciences)

We studied the influence of a 40% glucose solution given internally and distilled water applied externally after both had been exposed in a pyramid. The patients were new-born babies with serious pathologies. An objective assessment was provided by an analysis of the Immediate State Index, which reflects the state of the patient’s sympatho-adrenal system.

Data on 20 patients was analysed. In all cases, even in patients with very low indices close to zero, after the administration of 1ml of the 40% glucose solution the ISI rose substantially practically to normal levels. The same happened after the external application of 1ml of water that had been exposed in the pyramid.

en pyramid blood

Haematological Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

In order to study the influence of water exposed in a pyramid on the coagulatory system of the blood we carried out a study of the influence of this substance on certain coagulatory parameters in vitro using donor blood as well as standard normal and pathological (reduced level of coagulatory factors) lyophilised human plasma and lyophilised pathological human plasma deficient in factor VIII. Besides this we made a study of pyramid water in vivo, in an experiment with rabbits.

en antistress

The Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics

Studying the influence of the pyramid liquors on animals under stressful conditions revealed that the effect of the liquors from the pyramid produces a pronounced anti-stress effect. Application effect of the pyramid shape optimizes thymic cellularity (one of the indicators that characterize the immunological status of the organism), not allowing him to "fall down" in an aging body.

en pyramid electrycity

The All-Russian (Lenin) Electro-Technical Institute

An evaluation was carried out of the effect of the pyramid field on an electrical field in a long air-gap between a rod and a surface under a positively polarised impulse tension of 250/2500 μs. The basic set-up used had a rod-surface air-gap between the electrodes of 5.0 metres. The experimental set-up was the same, except that placed on the surface were 7 pieces of granite, each weighing 100 grammes that had been exposed in the pyramid and were placed on the surface around the perimeter of a 1-metre-diameter circle with its centre 0.5 metres from the centre of the surface.

en quartz

The healing properties of quartz have been demonstrated by a study carried out by researchers at the Perm State Medical Academy.

«The world that lies beneath corresponds to the things that are placed above;
and the world above corresponds to the one beneath
to implement a common energy miracles.
This gives rise to all sorts of devices, the method of which is as follows ...»

hermes 100

(The Thrice Greatest)