Pyramids construction

Specialists of Maat Froundation investigated the change in the level of magnetic induction near the pyramid. During the experiment were used the samples of schungite pyramids 10,15,30,40 cm in height and the pyramid made of tempered glass which height is 146.6 cm (whith special energy source of the quartz crystals). It was found that in a radius of one meter from the body of the 146.6 cm pyramid the magnetic induction level falls to 25-30 microtesla (in the European area of geoid normal rate is about 47 microtesla). At a distance of 4.5 meters (which is about 3 heights of the pyramid - 146,6cm x 3 = 439cm), the level of magnetism leveled to normal 47 mcT.

Also, using a magnetometer the magnetic induction level was measured in the upper third of the pyramid (in height 146.6 cm), in the middle and the lower thirds. At the same time the level of magnetism at the top, when measured by different devices, was approximately 25-30 mcT, in the middle third increased to 40 mcT and in the bottom continued to grow and reached 50 mcT.

When carrying out the magnetometer measurements near the samples of schungite mini pyramids 10,15,30 and 40 cm in height this effect was not observed.



1. The radius of the field of 1,5 metter pyramid is 3 x its height, the pyramid field diameter is 6 x its height.
2. Mini-pyramids with a height of 10-40 cm do not have a pronounced field able to have a significant effect on the human energy system and the surrounding electromagnetic radiation.