Pyramids construction

zastavkaThe first concrete pyramid of Russia built on the project of the researchers Oleg Novikov and Boris Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg becomes open for visiting. The project is called - NEW ENERGETICAL REGENERATION TECHNOLOGIES PROJECT, which includes the construction of new pyramidal complexes and visiting of the already built structures.

At this time the project website is open, and today you can book your time by contacting the organizers.

In early March this pyramid was already visited by research team. Details are laid out in the public domain on the YouTube channel (video below).

Previously, for almost 10 years, there was a strong opinion that the builder of this pyramid is the researcher Valery Uvarov, known for his "contacts" with UFOs and often speaking on this subjects on many international conferences.

novikov kiselev pyramid 01However, only this year it turned out that Mr.Uvarov only provided insignificant assistance in the selection and delivery of materials, and also guarded the construction areas so that they would not be stolen.

The true builder of this pyramid project is researcher Oleg Novikov and businessman Boris Kiselev, on whose land the edifice is located and who financed its construction.

As for another complex of pyramids near Tomsk, the builder of which Mr. Uvarov calls himself, the St.Petersburg specialists unanimously declared that it does not work as it should.

001The reason for this is the lack of a specific geological condition at the construction area, in other words, the "place of power", the flow of energy which must be transformed by the Tomsk pyramid. Therefore, the second concrete pyramid in Russia is a purely commercial project of ufologist Uvarov, completely written off from the St. Petersburg construction, and will not bring any special benefit to anyone except his own pocket.

In turn, at the site of the Novikov-Kiselev pyramid near St. Petersburg, the anomaly necessary for the correct operation of the pyramid is present. It is due to this that such a positive and powerful effect of influence on the human body, which is displayed in the video report, is achieved.