Pyramids construction

There are numerous suggestions on the topic of pyramids destination. From the official explanations of false archeology to very fantastic hypotheses about their extraterrestrial origin.

You know what I usually tell my friends, colleagues on healing and customers? «You see what you want to see or what you are allowed to by various forces. And in order to get closer to the truth you need to read the ancient texts».

atlanteansOf course, I suppose that the pyramids were constructed by humans. But the knowledge of these people was handed over from even more ancient civilization of Atlantis, vanished as a result of the disaster. And, obviously, atlanteans got such science from a highly developed extraterrestrial civilization Neferu.

An ancient Egyptian historian and priest Manetho in his writings mentioned that the legendary Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth the Atlantean), the founder of the Hermetic and ancient Egypt science, kept recording the principles of ancient knowledge on stelae and columns before the flood. And after that his descendants and followers moved his legacy from hieroglyphs on ancient Egyptian and Greek language. In hermetic texts are mentioned the «before moon» and «pre-flood» periods, when the gods were close to humans.

This information we can find also in Mesopotamian and a number of Old Testament texts indicating that the gods first lived on earth and talked to people, and then retired to the sky. Mesopotamia - the country of the Sumerians, "Sumer", literally means "Country of Supervisors." The Egyptians called it the same way - "Ta Neter", and believed that the gods came to Egypt from there. The concepts of "gods," "sons of heaven", "angels", "observers", "supervisors" and "descenders from heaven" are largely synonymous and indicate the extraterrestrial civilization Neferu.

Hermes TrismegistusBut let's turn our attention to the legacy of Hermes Trismegistus and carefully examine few interesting passages from the ancient «hermetic» texts:

«The God creates the Eternity, Eternity creates the World, the World creates the Time, the Time causes the formation.
The essence of God is the Good, Perfect, Happiness, Wisdom; the essence of eternity is the Identity; the essence of the World is the Order; the essence of Time is the Change; the essence of the Formation is life and death.
The energies of God are mind and soul; Eternity energies are continuity and immortality; the energies of the World - compilation and decomposition; the energies of Time - increasing and decreasing; Formation energy is the quantity and quality ...»

At first glance, what connection has this postulate to the pyramids? It seems that there is no link. But if we pay attention to the key study of pyramid properties, conducted by Russian scientists at the end of the last century, we get closer to understanding of very important things.

Research carried out in the St.Petersburg research laboratory "RADIANT" showed for the first time in the world the existence of several zones of energy concentration within the pyramid that have different characteristics:

  • Dry and liquid medicines that have been processed in the upper zone of pyramid showed an interesting influence. The effectiveness of antibiotics increased, the suppressing of harmful bacteria activity has amplified. Exposed water, juices, oils and decoctions of medicinal herbs became very effective in the treatment of ulcers, gastritis and other disorders of the digestive tract and urinogenital system when they were in an active phase. Liquids consumed after exposure in the pyramid obtained a pronounced onco-repellent and antiviral influence. Established that such effect is linked with the acidity exaltation in consequence of alkali decrease (pH value declines) of the water located in the upper area.
  • The water from the lowest level of pyramid becomes alkaline (pH value rises), its electrical conductivity increases. Such water promotes cell division, growth of various tissues in living bodies and wound healing.

What is the conclusion of this study?

- The water processed in the upper level of pyramid acquires decreasing and slowing down the processes effect.

- The water processed in the bottom level of pyramid acquires increasing and accelerating the processes effect.

Do you remember what Hermes was saying? «...the energies of Time is increasing and decreasing;» It turns that the pyramid in its mechanizm is using the time energies.

The scientific conclusion is that field of each pyramid zone in a specific way affects the energy rhythms of water molecules and consequently everything that interacts with this water. It is needless to remind here that water is present in everything in a given amount. But it is worth noting this thing because the water is, in fact, the pure energy in liquid form.

Let's look at another quote from the ancient Hermetic writings:

hermes«Formation and time have two different types of nature in the sky and on the ground - motionless and imperishable in the sky, mobile and smolder on the ground...»

Does the pyramids mechanism encompass not only higher mathematics, but the universe principles too? ...The time on the sky (upper worlds) is motionless and on the ground is flowing at a certain speed…the top level of the pyramid field slows the rhythms of water molecules, and the bottom - accelerates them.

The answer we find in the "Emerald Tablet" of Hermes the Thrice Greatest:

hermes«The world that lies beneath corresponds to the things that are placed above; 
and the world above corresponds to the one beneath 
to implement a common energy miracles. 
This gives rise to all sorts of devices, the method of which is as follows ...»

Now it becomes clear that the pyramid is a model of the universe, using the latter’s main principles.

But what is really going on with the water molecules, objects containing water, human body and poor bacteria that fall under the influence of the different fields of the pyramid? We know that there are different levels of water acidity in the upper and the lower pyramid zone, it is proven by studies. But why the rhythms of molecules change? What's the matter?

The Essence is that in the top level of the pyramid the time is flowing slowly, and in the bottom level the time flows quickly!

This comes by analogy with the paces of time that are present «in the sky and on the ground», in the upper worlds and on the earth. The flowing of time in the universe corresponds to the flowing of time in its miniature model - the pyramid.

Therefore the pyramid as a system is a kind of time machine. And perhaps the only first version of it. How far have progressed the bearers of this knowledge - Neferu - only Creator knows. But some of their achievements we can imagine: it seems that travelling through time and space they have adjusted well).

mikhail elissev 01Michael Eliseev,
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