Pyramids construction

quartz pyramidIn this small guide - debriefing on creating the pyramids at home, we quickly review the basic mistakes of "would-be designers".

Myth №1. "15 centimeters is good, and 20 - even better!"

Firstly, the radius of pyramid action is equal to its three heights, the pyramid field diameter respectively equal to its six heights. About tens or hundreds of meters of the influence can be no question. Therefore, if you put the water at a distance of 3 meters from the 5-centimeter small pyramid, the effect will be - zero. Tabletop glass or crystal pyramid of this magnitude is absolutely useless. So the size, in this sense, has importance.

Also note that as a justification of miniature pyramid power (made of wood, stone, etc.) vendors refer to results of research concerning large pyramids. But in all medical experiments the pyramids less 30-40 centimeters were never considered!

The only thing that can serve a miniature pyramid, and only if it is made of quartz (!) - structuring of the water. Put it right in the tank with water (see. Study «Effectiveness of energy water»)

Secondly, if move to Egypt, you will notice that all the ancient pyramids built – are constructions of different sizes, as each of them was calculated for a specific person (Pharaoh). Why was it necessary to build a 146-meter structure (like Great pyramid), if it is possible to confine 20 centimeter stone figure?

The optimal size of the pyramid for home space - from 1m 46cm, which is 1/100 of the height of the pyramid of Cheops. Only from this height it is possible to setup a pyramid on the basic parameters of human growth (the owner), and as a consequence – on its energy centers.

Myth №2. "Pyramid is working by virtue of its geometry"

This is certainly true, but not all. A great role in the pyramid system performs pyramidion (the top) and internal energy sources. After all, the radio will not work without batteries, the car does not drive without a motor. Pyramidion and energy sources were present in the construction of ancient Egyptian pyramids: some tops are removed and now stand close to them, the places of installation of energy sources also left.

Taking into account that the pyramid is a cosmic antenna and repeater of energy flows, suppose that 4 pieces of wood knocked together at an angle will perform similar functions for at least unwise, as a maximum - the craziness.

And even if the pyramid exhibited all its miraculous properties only by a geometry that is why we find "this"?

pyramid bed

People do not find time make even the side faces! What kind of respect for geometry in this case can we talk?

Myth №3. "The construction of the pyramid can not use metal. Best of all - the tree, as it is - a natural material"

The assertion that the metal "mutes" the properties of the pyramid is not true. Iron is a mineral considered sacred in ancient Egypt ("bja"), it is the core of the Earth, so it is more natural that anything else. Using the iron does not contradict the basic ancient principle "MAAT", prescribing the use in the construction of the pyramids and temples of materials exclusively of natural origin. However, the metal used for the pyramid at home is really not necessary, but the use of iron fittings for the construction of perfectly flat faces large-sized pyramid is quite appropriate.

In turn, the tree in the large outdoor structures under the influence of the environment deforms, and this pyramid, with "sagging geometry", loses its properties (as is the case with the pyramids of A.Golod). In addition, you should choose the most dense materials to achieve high "efficiency of the pyramid" to create a transition zone of environments. Therefore, optimal for home can be just the glass. This material have a huge plus - it is made of quartz.

And finally - photo. No comment ...)))