Pyramids construction

zastavkaThe first concrete pyramid of Russia built on the project of the researchers Oleg Novikov and Boris Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg becomes open for visiting. The project is called - NEW ENERGETICAL REGENERATION TECHNOLOGIES PROJECT, which includes the construction of new pyramidal complexes and visiting of the already built structures.

At this time the project website is open, and today you can book your time by contacting the organizers.

In early March this pyramid was already visited by research team. Details are laid out in the public domain on the YouTube channel (video below).

Previously, for almost 10 years, there was a strong opinion that the builder of this pyramid is the researcher Valery Uvarov, known for his "contacts" with UFOs and often speaking on this subjects on many international conferences.

Specialists of Maat Froundation investigated the change in the level of magnetic induction near the pyramid. During the experiment were used the samples of schungite pyramids 10,15,30,40 cm in height and the pyramid made of tempered glass which height is 146.6 cm (whith special energy source of the quartz crystals). It was found that in a radius of one meter from the body of the 146.6 cm pyramid the magnetic induction level falls to 25-30 microtesla (in the European area of geoid normal rate is about 47 microtesla). At a distance of 4.5 meters (which is about 3 heights of the pyramid - 146,6cm x 3 = 439cm), the level of magnetism leveled to normal 47 mcT.

Also, using a magnetometer the magnetic induction level was measured in the upper third of the pyramid (in height 146.6 cm), in the middle and the lower thirds. At the same time the level of magnetism at the top, when measured by different devices, was approximately 25-30 mcT, in the middle third increased to 40 mcT and in the bottom continued to grow and reached 50 mcT.

When carrying out the magnetometer measurements near the samples of schungite mini pyramids 10,15,30 and 40 cm in height this effect was not observed.

home pyramidRecently, we have received many questions about the pyramid properties. We organized them and now begin to give the answers for people who are interested in the topic of pyramids and the pyramid therapy.

For example the question I had in my Facebook:

«I find it interesting that few of the current household pyramids on the market do not conform to the Golden Ratio».

Our answer:

If you look for example at the Great Pyramid you will never find the Golden ratio regarding the height and width of the pyramid base. Then in our MAAT home pyramids you can find it in coefficient 2,058. This ratio of the height of mini-pyramids to the length of the base is selected from the second row of the "golden ratio" family (the height of the pyramid - 146,6 cm is 2,058 times larger than the sides of the square, which lies in its foundation - 71,2cm). The Golden ratio is not just one number (like 1,618 etc). There is a whole family of golden ratio proportion coefficients. 

Years of research and analysis of the pyramid 's influence on the objects of animate and inanimate nature revealed that ancient technologies had in their assignment a pronounced medical component.


ancient cancer cureResearch carried out in the St.Petersburg (Russia) laboratory of the RADIANT company showed for the first time in the world the existence of several zones of energy concentration within the pyramid that have different characteristics.

Experiments convincingly demonstrated that both dry and liquid medicines exposed in the pyramid tend to increase immunity. Ordinary or mineral water, juices, oils and decoctions of medicinal herbs processed in the pyramid became very effective in the treatment of ulcers, gastritis and other disorders of the digestive tract and urinogenital system when these are in an active phase.

Apart from medicines, creams and ointments processed in the upper level of the pyramid furthered the disappearance of skin irritations, suppressing the activity of harmful bacteria. Established that such effect is linked with the acidity exaltation in consequence of alkali decrease (pH value declines) of the water located in the upper area.

There are numerous suggestions on the topic of pyramids destination. From the official explanations of false archeology to very fantastic hypotheses about their extraterrestrial origin.

You know what I usually tell my friends, colleagues on healing and customers? «You see what you want to see or what you are allowed to by various forces. And in order to get closer to the truth you need to read the ancient texts».

atlanteansOf course, I suppose that the pyramids were constructed by humans. But the knowledge of these people was handed over from even more ancient civilization of Atlantis, vanished as a result of the disaster. And, obviously, atlanteans got such science from a highly developed extraterrestrial civilization Neferu.

An ancient Egyptian historian and priest Manetho in his writings mentioned that the legendary Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth the Atlantean), the founder of the Hermetic and ancient Egypt science, kept recording the principles of ancient knowledge on stelae and columns before the flood. And after that his descendants and followers moved his legacy from hieroglyphs on ancient Egyptian and Greek language. In hermetic texts are mentioned the «before moon» and «pre-flood» periods, when the gods were close to humans.

This information we can find also in Mesopotamian and a number of Old Testament texts indicating that the gods first lived on earth and talked to people, and then retired to the sky. Mesopotamia - the country of the Sumerians, "Sumer", literally means "Country of Supervisors." The Egyptians called it the same way - "Ta Neter", and believed that the gods came to Egypt from there. The concepts of "gods," "sons of heaven", "angels", "observers", "supervisors" and "descenders from heaven" are largely synonymous and indicate the extraterrestrial civilization Neferu.