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en quartz

The healing properties of quartz have been demonstrated by a study carried out by researchers at the Perm State Medical Academy.

on the effectiveness of the use of “energetic water” structured by quartz crystals

An experiment was carried out to examine the effect of “energetic water” (EW) obtained by placing varieties of quartz crystals in boiled water. The following types of silicon dioxide were used: clear, rose, smoky, an opaline porcelain variety – cacholong and a cryptocrystalline variety – orange chalcedony (cornelian).

For the experiment blood serum obtained from healthy individuals and patients with ischemic heart disease, diabetes and chronic persistent hepatitis was used. Drops of EW were introduced into drops of serum, then the samples were dried under controlled conditions and examined under the microscope.

The figures below show the initial crystallograms of a healthy individual and of the patients, and those obtained after the addition of EW. As can be seen from the data given, the blood serum of healthy individuals differs strongly from that of disease sufferers. Following the addition of EW the crystallogram changes radically. The serum of a healthy person presents crystals with a pattern like frost on a window (dendrites). After the introduction of drops of EW into the serum of the patients, it also changed its structure, coming close to the pattern observed for a healthy individual. Dendrite crystals appeared in it too.


Energetic water improves the structure of the blood serum of both healthy and diseased individuals. The effect discovered can probably be interpreted as follows: quartz is one of the varieties of mineral very common in nature (up to 76%). It is a a superb piezoelectric radiator with the aid of which it is possible to transform high-frequency electrical oscillations (piezo-effect up to 50,000kHz). Besides this, quartz gives off ultrasound and also reacts “responsively” to infrared radiation typical of living biological systems.

Blood serum is a complex biological colloid that consists of 90% water. The remaining 10% consists of globular proteins and liquid crystal inclusions (fats, cholesterol, triglycerides) that react to high-frequency currents and to infrared radiation. The crystal lattice of quartz is hexagonal; water also has a six-sided packaging,while proteins are a sort of “aperiodic crystal” . The introduction of EW into human blood serum is accompanied by an improvement in its structure, which can be explained by the effect of resonant frequencies. The structural regeneration of blood serum from a sick individual is observed. It follows that the regular ingestion of EW furthers the normalization of metabolic processes in such biological systems as human blood serum. Thus the use of EW is advisable for both prophylactic and therapeutic purposes.

en quartz effect



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